ecopoly new generation

      ECOPOLY 2 Original Wood burning heater for worshop




      Plus de 1000 utilisateurs ECOPOLY 2

      More than 1000 ECOPOLY 2 users


      Salon Equip Auto 2019

      100 % made in France, folowing french manufacturing standards

      ECOPOLY 2 Original : The real choice

      • A ventilated exchanger fairing guaranteeing compliance with regulatory radiation temperatures in France. No protective cage is required for regulation.
      • A large loading hatch 640x280 mm (ECP50.2) a,d 892x280mm (ECP100.2)
      • A grid of soil on all the surface in refractory stainless steel
      • A high pressure centrifugal fan
      • A flow, protection and flow rate regulator grille for the safety standard
      • A frame covered with high temperature epoxy paint baked
      • Controlled flap adjustement on the spool for balance and power adjustment in simultaneous action with the integrated draft key on the flue nozzle.
      • An electrical cabinet (optional) with electric safety control and adjustable hot air temperature thermostat.
      • A catalytic flammable smoke shield and heat exchanger protection
      • An overheated safety thermometer (optional) to visualize and control the flue gas température at maximum power.

      ECOPOLY 2 is a trademark of AIRLAT. Visit the website www.airlat.com


      ECOPOLY 2 is the result of our customers requirements in term of essential needs, safety and regulation compliancy, as well as our long term technical developpments.
      Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.



      Allows to control the heating power by acting on the lever in modulating opening / closing


      Brick fireplace

      Post combustion effect and refund heat even when the power is reduced.


      Ground grid

      In 2 parts, the ground grid is refractory stainless steel AISI 430 made and covers the total area above the drawer.



      Fame arrestor

      Exchanger tubes protection from thermal overloads


      Centrifugal fan

      Hugh pressure fan, can be set up on the right side or on the left side of the ECOPOLY wood generator

      Loading hatch

      Dimensions 640x280mm for ECP50.2 and 892x280mm for ECP100.2.


      Heat exchanger - Safety grid

      High efficiency tubular construction. Delta of temperatire 40/45°C between suction and blowing side. Safety grid in compliancy with European regulation.



      Ash drawer

      Perforation and distribution slide front perforation and primary air distribution slide.



      ECOPOLY 2

      Polycombustible hot air generator with wood, carboard, chips...
      A true bulky elimination solution.
      Very cheap heat by recycling your bulky.